The Importance of Effective Team Communication and How It Is Achieved

Pages: 6 (1322 words) Published: November 2, 2009

The Importance Of Effective Team Communication and How It Is Achieved Janette L. North-Kabore
University of Phoenix


Internal Communication - Getting Your Company's Brand Across to Your Employees. (2009, February 17). Retrieved from Introduction To Teams. (n.d.). Retrieved February 17, 2009, from University of Phoenix Web site:


This paper explores the importance of team communication and the various avenues available for effective communication with teams. Communications between team members via emails, teleconferencing, face-to-face meetings, and virtual meetings will be discussed in addition to the effectiveness of each of these pathways. “Twenty years ago, if an executive had said the words "internal communication" there's a high probability that the concept would have been met with a blank stare. However in present day business, internal communication has become just as important to the running and success of a business as external communication with clients.” (Internal Communication - Getting Your Company's Brand Across to Your Employees, 2009) With the rapid increase of technology; the rise and fall of companies; the drastic changes in the global economy, companies and organizations are changing the ways they operate. One remarkable change is the formation of teams; ‘a collection of individuals who exist within a larger social system…who can be identified by themselves and others as a team, who are interdependent, and who perform tasks that affect other individuals and groups” (Introduction To Teams) Among the many other things that are needed to form a productive team, effective communication or the lack there of, is the cohesive properties that will hold the team together or the weak bond that can tear the team apart.


The effectiveness
One increasingly prevalent alternative is email, which seems to have largely replaced the written “office circular” pasted on a notice board or sent from desk to desk with a circulation slip stapled to the corner. Indeed I have heard more than one manager respond to criticism of poor communication within his term by saying “what do you mean I never communicate? I send you e-mails every day” –and this to a colleague sitting less than ten metres away! E-mail is undoubtedly a useful tool. It is fast, cheap, provides a more permanent record than a conversation and can be sent to any number of colleagues in the same office or on another continent. With the growth of virtual teams it is indispensable. But does it solve the communication problem? Not always. (insert citation-techniques-getting to the heart of the matter)


The effectiness

Face-to-face Meetings

The effectiveness

There is nothing necessarily
wrong with this, it just means that a
team’s informal communication will be heavily
influenced by the nature of its members’
This is the business part of the meeting. It is
the aspect most team leaders and chairpeople
know most about because it includes defining
a purpose for the meeting, setting an agenda,
gathering information, analysing data, making
decisions and sharing opinions. In a well run
meeting this component should take about 85
per cent of the allocated time.
This element is often forgotten. It includes
any aspect of the meeting that involves paying
attention to relationships, individual
comfort, or how people feel. Ensuring the
room is suitable, that everyone can see everyone
else, and that there is adequate fresh air
and lighting are examples. So is taking time
out from a meeting to deal with one another
on a personal,...

References: Internal Communication - Getting Your Company 's Brand Across to Your Employees. (2009, February 17). Retrieved from
Introduction To Teams. (n.d.). Retrieved February 17, 2009, from University of Phoenix Web site:
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