The Importance of Education

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The Importance of Education
Kandace L. Cottrell
Eng 102
Normand Hays

The Importance of Education
Why do we say that everyone must obtain an education to be successful in life? This is one of many questions that people ask about education. Some people ask: what does acquiring an education do for someone that just wants to go to work after he or she finishes high school? He or she may think that it is possible just to graduate from high school and start working. Well it is possible, in some occupations but for those people who want to have a large amount of money and have the best job, well they need an education. I will talk about many reasons that an education is important and many things that will affect his or her life if he or she has an education. Everyone should get an education so that they can have strong confidence, better job, and more money. Having an education helps everyone have confidence in his or her selves. People who do not finish school seem to always feel like they cannot do anything and that they do not know anything. Everyone in the world is not going to know everything there is in this world and they are not all going to be smart and have everything that someone else has, but everyone in the world should have some kind of confidence. People who have an education are more likely to have more confidence than people who do not have an education because they know that more than likely the employer will hire the person with an education rather than someone that just has a high school diploma. Confidence sometimes helps people because they do not worry about losing their jobs and or finding a job, unless a depression hits like in the world in the year of 2010. Having confidence can be important in everyone’s life. When he or she has an education it can help his or her confidence in many ways. People who have an education can get better jobs than those that do not have an education. I say this because there are many more businesses that only hire people who have an education than there are that hire people with only a high school education. I have looked at many jobs over the last few weeks and yes there are some that will hire someone right out of high school with a diploma. For those people who want to make enough money to care for a family they need to get an education so that he or she can get a good paying job. Some jobs pay you by the experience you have and the degree that you have. Job openings are easier for people with an education to fill because when you fill out an application there is always a place for your education levels to go and, sometimes that is the most important part of the application. Education is also important when you have been in a job for a while and you want to apply for a new position that is higher up such as a teacher wanting to become a principal, that teacher is going to need a good education to be promoted in her job. People who have a good education normally will get promoted in their jobs before someone that does not have a good education and the time on their job that others do. Just about every good job in the world asks that you have some type of education beyond high school. You can not be a doctor or lawyer by just saying that you have an education or that you just want to work in these businesses. I will show a chart of jobs that require you to have an extended education to work in and jobs that do not require you to have a college education to work in. Jobs that you must have an education| Jobs that you may not have an education| Doctor or Nurse| Substitute teacher|

Teacher| Truck Driver|
Social Worker| Bus Driver|
Dentist| Mary Kay Consultant|
Business Owner (Hospital and things)| Some Fast Food Restaurants| Nail Technician| Casino Workers|
Hair Stylist| Avon Consultant |

Money is a big thing in people’s lives in today’s world. We need money for just about everything that we want or need in our everyday...

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