The Importance of Education

Topics: Education, School, Teacher Pages: 1 (414 words) Published: November 1, 2010
Parents in society today top concern should be the importance of education. My essay will discuss several main points such as the impact of parental involvement , the importance of teachers, and the future of a well educated students. When I consider what I would love to see in the education of our children, I continue to want all our children to achieve academic success. First of all parents are their children first and most important teacher. Research shows that the way you interact with your child during his or her early years is crucial. Second teachers have a lot of impact on our kids and their education. It is time for us to treat children with the belief that we are working with precious resources when we seek to educate young people. Statics states that are less qualified teachers to teach our kids the proper education they deserve. There is also an increasing rate of drop- out in the United States and other countries. We need top teach our kids that their education determines their future. Schooling prepares people for jobs, and the kind of jobs a person has determines her or his economic status and, therefore power, then schooling is intimately rated to that power.

What do we want for our children? Success in school social, emotional, and academic are at the top of our list. What are we really doing to better educate our children in the world today? Understanding the crucial role you can play in children education can help him thrive- in school, and ultimately, in life. We hear of the occasional school exemplying urban excellence ,but we are inundated with stories of inner city mass failure, student violence , and soaring drop-out rates. We are heartened by new attempts at school improvement, better teachers education, higher standards, revised curricula- even while teachers of colors are disappearing from the workforce and fiscal cutbacks increase class sizes , decimate critical instructional programs, and make it impossible to repair the...
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