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The Importance of Educating Americans

By June-Waranya Oct 17, 2014 401 Words
Major : Mater of Business Administration (MBA)
Waranya Laplertsakul
DATE \@ "MMMM d, y" January 9, 2014
In today’s America, There are many kinds of people are coming to live here. So there are different people from many countries as well. Some people come to get the good life. Some people come to study and some people come to make the business. Today the United State of America is high of birth rate that it means there are many children as well, but children are different native with American. Even though the children have different cultures and religions. Also they are taught their language by their parent. But they can learn to speak English by the school. So the children can learn language, culture, or religion each other. In the United State of America provide an education for their people from the youngest to the adult. The government is responsible an education to their child by provide the public school to them and required them to attend from the primary school and complete an education in the high school. The public school should respect everyone culture and try to focus science and math for everyone. They can not make for someone or just only American people. The classes should taught in the same language, that is English language. They can not taught in different languages because children come from many families and many culture ,but when they come to school ,they should to speak only one language. The school should to hire some different culture teacher in the school because those teacher can help the student who has the same culture. The parents should be involved their children are taught what are they doing or what is the teacher teaching their children when they are in the school. The purpose of an education is the children have and get their knowledge from the school and bring it to develop their career in future. An educating children is very important for the children because they can bring the knowledge that they can learn from their school to develop their life or career in the future. Even though they are not the same language, culture, religion or food. But the all of Schools pass on the same knowledge to them. Because of the knowledge will take each people to getting jobs, having a good life quality, and living in a high quality social.

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