The Importance Of Birthright Citizenship In The United States

Topics: Population, Nationality, Human migration, United States, Nation, Citizenship / Pages: 3 (718 words) / Published: Nov 9th, 2015
Throughout this world, birthright citizenship’s legality has been a major topic of discussion among many constituents. In the United States, the debate is ever present, as it is very popular for foreigners come across the border to have their children, therefore making them immediate American citizens. Some view this as illegal and want this practice to be banned, but legalizing this is the humane thing to do in this situation. In many ways, racism can be solved with the legalization of birthright, as it allows for many nationalities and people of different backgrounds to be united as one. It allows for children that have not committed a crime to live peacefully in a country they are loyal to, help the workforce, and improve the country’s population. Birthright citizenship …show more content…
to work, to reunite with their families, or to flee persecution. Denying birthright citizenship will not discourage unauthorized immigrants from coming to the country and it will not encourage those already here to leave. Since children born to undocumented immigrants would presumably be undocumented, the size of the undocumented populations would actually increase as a result of the new policy. While some children of citizens could acquire the citizenship of their parents, children of undocumented parents would be left with no citizenship or nationality, leaving them stateless. It is not the child’s fault where he is born. He did nothing illegal, and he can serve the country if the country is loyal to him and gives him a chance.
In long term perspective, birthright citizenship creates a good image for a democratic country. It shows the rest of the world that the country works towards helping humanity and makes a good impression on other nations. A democratic country is committed to spreading democracy and freedom across the world, helping others including refugees. Citizenship should be made up of three major things namely politics, social rights, and civil

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