The Importance of American Values

Topics: Ralph Waldo Emerson, Individualism, Individual Pages: 2 (518 words) Published: June 19, 2013
American Values
1. Individual Freedom.
2. Self-reliane.
3. Equality of opportunity.
4. Compettion.
5. Material Welth.
6. Hard Work.
Talk About It
1. Americans believe strongly in self-reliance and the freedom and independence of the individual. What are advantages and disadvantages of being very independence? Which is more important to you? Pleasing your family or having the freedom to do what you want? 2. If Americans hard to pick one aspect of their country that they are most proudof, over 90 percent would choose freedom. What aspect of your country are people most pround of? How does that quality affect life there? 3. Is it healthy for a person to want to compete? Which is more import in a society-competition or cooperation? Which do you value more? Why? Answer :

1. The Welfare of the individual is more important than the welfare of the group. Our destiny is in our hands. People should take care of themselves,solve their own problems, and stand on their own feet. If I could have a better life in another country, I could go and live. Earning a lot of money is more important than having an interesting job. Tocqueville observed the Americans’ belief in sel-reliance in the 1830s: They owe nothing to any man, they expect nothing from any man; they acquire the habit of always considering themselves as standing alone, and they are apt to imagine that their whole destiny is in their own hans. This strong belief in self-reliance continues today as a traditional basic American value.It is perhaps one of the most difficult important.Most American believe that they must be self-reliant in order to keep their freedom.If they rely too much on the support of their families or the government or any organization, they may lose some of their freedom to do what they want. The sight of beggars on city streets and the plight of the homeless may inspire sympathy but also concern. Although American provide a lot of financial support to people in need through charities or...
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