The Importance of Active Participation of Children and Young People in Decisions Affecting Their Lives

Topics: Childhood, Need, Culture Pages: 2 (946 words) Published: October 27, 2014

CYP 3.7p109
Explain the importance of active participation of children and young people in decisions affecting their lives The importance of active participation of children and young people in decisions affecting their lives is you can find out what the child or family actually want or need. It’s very important to listen to their views and communicate with parents and respect their points of view you need to communicate well with children and take into account that young children may use non-verbal communication. If children and young people are given chances on what activity they would like to do they are making a decision which can help them become confident every week we let the children choose which part of the school they would like to go to for GOLDEN TIME they get to make the decision on playing at nursery, taking part in construction in class 2, clay modelling in class 1, drawing and colouring in the hall or small world in class R. It allows the children to make the choice by themselves building up confidence, self-esteem and social skills. Also on a daily basis children are given free play where they choose what activity they do last week one child chose to make a house for the three little pigs and while the other children did it quite quickly this child took two days to complete it and it looked fantastic she really used her imagination and if she needed any help with anything she asked, the class teacher took her to show the head teacher her work who was really impressed and she got a special award sticker. 2.4 Explain how to support children and young people according to their age, to support children and young people according to age, needs and abilities to make personal choices and experiences you need to understand the child’s individual needs and capabilities for example a child in my setting who may want to do a certain activity may not be safe for another child to do due to their ability so that activity would need to be adapted to...
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