The Impacts of Workaholism

Topics: Addiction, Workaholic, Workaholics Anonymous Pages: 3 (1101 words) Published: November 2, 2008
In no other time in history have we witnessed such a drive towards overwork. Some may get a sense of satisfaction from it, but many become less happy and have to suffer much. With the appearance of this phenomenon, the term “workaholic” has been coined to describe these people. Since it was familiar to men, more research have been done to this popular issue—workaholism, and it has been proved that workaholism has great effects on human. This essay gives definitions of workaholism and reveals its positive and negative impacts on our well-being in terms of health, personal relationship and society. In spite of them being two sides to workaholism, I am convinced that its negative impacts far outweigh its positive ones. The descriptions of workaholism are variable, but the meanings they represent are similar. Some people believe that workaholism involves a personal reluctance to disengage from work and a tendency to work or think about work anytime, anywhere. Hamilton and Denniss define that workaholics are those “who are driven by inner compulsion” (2005, p.12). While others define workaholism as a form of self-imposed expectation of their performance in work. According to Quick, Henley and Quick, this expectation “can be directly related to the level of psychological involvement one feels toward that role” (2005, p.39). In brief, workaholism is a psychological addiction to work and it is an illusion of needing to keep working continually. There is no denying that overwork, to some extent, can bring benefits to companies. The most obvious effect of extended working hours is that an enterprise’s productivity can be increased. As a workaholic, in order to get promotion in the workplace, he has to work hard and overly and behave in ways that the organization demands of them (Hamilton and Denniss, 2005, p.13). Certainly, the enterprise’s productivity gets promoted. However, this effect is contemporary. It produces reverse influences on organizations after a long-time of...
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