The Impact of Video Games on the Modern Society

Topics: Video game console, Video game, Nintendo Pages: 2 (727 words) Published: March 24, 2013
Video Games can be educational, non-violent, or violent and may have a negative learning impact on youth. Only about half of the Americans today years 8-18 have video games in their bedrooms and about 40 percent play video games. According to a survey from a Kaiser Family Foundation, boys spend more time playing video games than girls do (“Video Games” par. 89). The Entertainment Software Association say Americans spend more money on video games each year. Video games had changed from 2004 at $7.4 billion to $7 billion in 2010 (“Video Games” par. 99). Steve Russell who was a student in Massachusetts Institute of Technology was the first inventor of videogames. In 1961, the first video game was invented; it was called Spacewar. The first home video game console came out in 1972 which was called Odyssey. Odyssey was a game counsel with only built in games. The second video game home console invented was Atari in 1977 which was the first game console to have game cartridges. Atari was really popular in the 1980’s. It sold about 3 million a year. Video games began to change in the late 1980’s. They started to spread to bars, nightclubs, and arcades plus more home video game consoles came along from Nintendo to systems called Playstation and Xbox. Later, video games started to spread into computers and disks. The animation of video games started to turn into dramas and music since video games have begun from Nintendo to the games that are given now. There are video games that have some sort of educational value which some schools do actually allow youth to play. “When you strip away all the explosions, blood, magic coins, princesses and castles, video games are problem-solving tasks puzzles. There's some irony in the fact that kids are bored at school but rush home to solve these games where they learn math and history” (Williams, par. 9). Students from around the ages of 8-13 years stay after school to play a video game called “Civilization” which is...
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