The Impact of Unethical Practices

Topics: Internal Revenue Service, Academic dishonesty, Copyright Pages: 2 (701 words) Published: February 12, 2012
Plagiarism, also referred to as academic dishonesty, is a serious academic offense that if incurred has great consequences. Academic dishonesty is addressed in the online student handbook at Brenau University, it defines plagiarism as “the act of taking the words or ideas of another and representing them as one’s own” and if someone is caught cheating or plagiarizing within their work, there are disciplinary consequences that will be enforced. Brenau University denounces all forms of cheating. According to the handbook, there are three minimal offenses for academic dishonesty. The first offense will cause the student to obtain a grade of “0” on the assignment. The second offense will cause the student to get an “F” in the course, and the third offense will lead to expulsion (Brenau University Handbook, 2011). The disciplinary actions of these offenses show the seriousness in which academic dishonesty is unethical and highly frowned upon; it leaves one to wonder if such unethical practices will carry over into the workforce. The attitude one has toward dishonesty while achieving academic goals can also be reflected in the way one conducts business. If such unethical practices are taken lightly while in school, there is always the possibility that they will be taken lightly while working in the business world. Dishonest practices are not only confined to the academic environment. It is so competitive within the workplace that unethical behavior is often overlooked. The character of a company is built upon their business practices. Unethical practices within a business can have a very negative impact on a company. Employees with lax attitudes concerning such behavior can be problematic for their employer. There are rules and guidelines in place to govern against unethical behavior and if found guilty of breaking those rules, one may incur consequences that include fines, loss of employment, and/or imprisonment. As a result of such unethical behavior, there can...
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