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The Impact of the Great Flood to the Thai Entrepreneur

By Sazeriiz Feb 26, 2013 470 Words
The impact of the great flood to the thai entrepreneur

         Nowadays, Thailand has just been seriourly the great flood and then lots of people face a problem with this situation. Thus, this situation have many problem become to economic crisis. Many thai entrepenuer is the most one has impact and effect more than other. However, The government have many way to helping people who has been face the great flood.Althought, the goverment protect in many ways in industry area that can make the economic crisis to be better but anyway the government cant take care of it. So,it isthe worst problem that make it losing capital.  101

         Thailand is the most one of many country in the world who have been effect about the flood and have many impact to theThai Enterpenuer. It can sperate entrepenuer by 4 classify such as agriculture, commerce, service and production. 

 First of all, the great flood in thailand that effect to commerce  and production about small entrepenuer or trader becuase they want to recieve product from big entrepenuer but it is impossible to happend due to thai entrepenuer can not import or producing product to their company. Therefore, The fact about thai entrepenuer cannot import product because the problem dut to the fact that transportation 105 

that is terrible and uncomfortable and then it make impect to stop many import company in thailand.  Secondly, Many Thai Entrepenuer losing lots of income because  can not export or sell product to customer that they are cancel order and then entrepenuer can not produce all of order. Thus, this is one important effect to product out of order and then it make to shortage situation. Thirdly, the impact about the flood in thailand have an affect on agriculture because the most of agricultural economy located on central region of thailand. So, the flood that impact to thai entrepenuer who working about agriculture such as they confront with  losing crops or agriculture product, farmer who have paddy field will be losing income and also make them to have debt for improving their filed because they have not enough money due to they have lower income. Thereform, it have impect to other thai enterpenuer cause by every bussiness in thailand are connected to all of industry and economic. 169

 In addition, Thai entrepenuer who have big or small factory that they alway lose machine or equipment cuase by the flood and then they will pay compensation to their labor who affect by flood. In this time, thai entrepenuer are the most one of who recieve the flood impacted directly. 50 

  However, the great flood in thailand has also to Thai economic it can make thai entrepenuer who have stock exchange decreasing betweeen this situation. 25 Lastly, Thailand have many entrepenuer about tourism service that impact to 

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