The Impact of the Age of Discovery

Pages: 3 (959 words) Published: October 8, 1999
What were the Effects of the Age of Discovery?

The Age of Exploration was a time of struggle and wealth for many European countries. The pursuit of a trade route to the Far East led many countries across the ocean, looking for the great spice cities that were rumored by Marco Polo. These countries knew that whoever found the shortest or best route would become rich, very quickly. Explorers from many European countries embarked on journeys that not even they had any clue where they were going. This search for the Far East led to many discoveries that would otherwise have never been found. Christopher Columbus may have been one of the most influential people ever to live. His pursuit of the spice trade routes led him to a completely new continent. While he first thought it was Asia, later explorers found it to be a new continent. It was very likely that someone other than Columbus would have eventually found the New World, but he was the first, which makes him the most important. The New World proved to be a blockbuster as far as the other “finds” during this time period. The impact, both directly and indirectly on the lives of the Europeans was tremendous. It promoted wealth and it led to a desire for more explorers. The competition of the countries was amazing. There was always a race to see who would start the first colony, who would explore the continent, and of course who would make the most money. It goes without saying, the Age of Exploration shaped the Europe and the America of today, and it left everlasting effects. The world trade of the period increased to an unprecedented amount. There was new types of businesses, new goods to be sold, and most importantly, new land to conquer. The exchange of goods from the New World and Europe increased Europe’s wealth, but not only was there an exchange of goods, but also an exchange of disease. The first effect of the Age of Exploration, was the finding of the New World....
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