The Impact of Technology on Communication

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The Impact of Technology on Communication|
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Online Communication3
The Message3
Lasswell’s Model4
Analyze the Audience of Bahrain Air's Online Communication:5
Purchasing Behavior:5
Technological ability:6
Customer Characteristics:7
Concluding Points:8
Impact of technology on communication strategy:8
Bahrain Air's official website:8

Online Communication
Online communication allows people to communicate in numerous ways through the internet. Companies communicate with the public mainly through their official websites. One of the advantages that online communication offers is the low cost of it. This method is considered to be the cheapest technique to market and advertise any service or product. It allows companies to cut down their expenses by publishing information about their mission, vision and goals for low-price. The company will own an official page that represents the company on the internet or it might be having an account in a popular website such as Twitter and Facebook. Information on the internet would be available for the public to find at any time. Therefore customers would be updated with any new information about the service or the product that the company offers anywhere by logging into their offices page. Any existing company should be involved in online communication, because it reflects that the company is keeping on track with technology and trends. Twitter and Facebook are the latest trends for people. It gives them the chance to express their feeling and their thought. Another advantage would is that Companies being a part of such a world wide websites give them the ability to get in to people’s mind and know their needs and wants, by this action the company may create new service or products that was originally inspired by the public. On the other hand online communication has some barriers which are very difficult to overcome. This method would be used to attract customers that are familiar with the internet. The old generation with no technology experience cannot be included in the market share that this method target. As a result the company must find an old traditional way to reach people with no technology experience, such as publishing ads in the news paper or using billboards. More over online communication cannot be done without internet. This might be an obstacle because some people may not afford it. The major disadvantage that online communication has is that some websites have their own rules that cannot be broken and might be a challenge for some companies. For example Twitter has a rule that every participant on their social web site has a maximum of 140 letters to write in each post. Therefore companies may find it challenging to summarize and get the right words. The Message

Every company has a message and an aim. Through it a company tries to captivate the attention of the public. The message reflects a company’s goals, ambitions and future movement.

Lasswell’s Model
In 1948 Harold Dwight Lasswell proposed a communication model that suggests the massage flow in a society between multiple audiences. He also stated that to understand the process of communication, we need to study these stages in his model: * Who

* Says what
* In which channel
* To whom
* With what effect
This model contains different components, who refers to the (sender) says what is the message itself, in which channel is the (media) used to pass the massage, to whom refers to the (receiver) and with what effect is the (feedback) we get in the end. Finally, he added that there are three functions for communication (All about Theories for...

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