The impact of technology

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​The impact of technology
​The internet has opened many doors of opportunities for people for example improving how people live, work, and socialize. I say new opportunities because if it wasn’t for the internet, we wouldn’t be able to contact someone as fast as sending an email versus sending a letter. You might be thinking, well years ago people didn’t need the internet to get things done! Sure that’s true but technology has advanced and for that we should take advantage of it and not view it as a negative advancement. The internet has had a positive impact in social media, education, and businesses. ​“Jerry Brown approved a new law Monday giving young people the ability to remove embarrassing information they post on the internet social networking sites” (Mason and McGreevy). This new law helps protect young people’s privacy and it helps future people who want to work with politics. We’re in 2013, which means the government has ways to make the internet safer. Facebook, Twitter, Instragram, all this social networking sites provide privacy settings. When setting up an account you have the option of setting it private and then no one besides the people you choose can access your personal info. I read that 50% of our population is under the age of 30. Most likely more than half of these 50% have a social network site and most of them are teenagers. I’m not saying this is true but if it is, me being a teenager I say if we’re intelligent enough to make an account, than we’re intelligent enough to set our accounts private and not upload embarrassing information on the web. ​The internet has had a huge impact in education. As a student I have noticed that the internet has been used a lot for education. Schools have computer classes that teach you so much about technology and one of them is how to use the internet. The teachers equip students with a new set of skills. The internet is also used in other ways for education, for example, each semester more and more...
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