The Impact of Social Media

Topics: Facebook, Social network service / Pages: 4 (837 words) / Published: Apr 25th, 2013
Unity University

Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology

Respondents Name:-

My name is Semir Ali. I am Bachelor Art (BA) degree student at Unity University. I am doing my thesis on “The impacts of social media: the case of Facebook with special emphasis on students of Unity University. The survey aims to get your opinion and say which makes my study alive and complete. Hence, I kindly request you to full this questionnaire. I thank you very much for your time and consideration in advance.

You can reach Semir Ali by this address:-

Note: - It is not mandatory to disclose your name in the space provided above.

Please put x mark on the box provided below or circle the appropriate choice for your answer.

Part I Respondents personal conditions

1) Age

2) Sex a) Male b) Female

3) Marital Status a) Single b) Married

c) Divorced d) windowed

4) Educational Level a) First Year c) Third year

b) Second year d) Fourth Year

e) Fifth year

Part II: - Questions based on attitude of respondents

1. Do you think using Face book has an impact? Yes b) No

2. If your answer is yes for the above question is yes, what kind of impacts?

a) Wastage of time and money

b) Loss of socialization

c) Insecurity of personal privacy

d) All of them

3. Do you think Facebook user students’ performance at school comparing with others is competitive or very good?

a) Yes b) No

4. If your answer is one of the two for the above questions, what kind of grades do you usually get in school?

a) Mostly AS

b) Mostly AS and BS


d) Mostly BS and cs

e) Mostly CS

f) Mostly Ds or lower

5. Would you describe yourself as addicted to face book

A) Yes B)No

6. Do you add or accept

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