The Impact of Media on Self Image

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The Impacts of Media on Self Image

There has been much improvement in regards to the living standard and for many years now

people have been focusing on their own appearances. People never used to care much about their

physical appearance or what others thought about them. These days people obsess over the way they

look. Some have even gone as far as going under the knife and getting plastic or cosmetic surgery. It

has gotten out of hand. A lot of people are striving to look like the people in magazinges, television,

movies, etc. Going overboard and perfecting their every flaw. It seems to be that the new “fad” these

days is working out or going to the gym. People not do these things for the purpose of looking better to

someone else. What matters is what's on the inside and what matters is that they are healthy and living.

They should care less about what others think of them and just do what makes them happy as an

individual. People are going so far as to commit suicide because they feel so ugly and so hopeless

because of the “perfect body image fad.” There have been many of these crimes reported, escpecially

in the last ten to twenty years. It is more so popular among teens to self-mutilate because they feel

uncomfortable in their own skin. What people forget to realize is that one's individual body image is

indeed more criticized by those indivuals themselves than others. When they look in the mirror, they

see so much more than others see because they are so critical about themselves. What he or she sees in

the mirror is typically not what others see. This is simply because we recognize the littlest things about

ourselves and we see our flaws before we see our own unique beauty. Of...

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