The Impact of Media on Communication in 21st Century

Topics: Communication, Media, Electronic Data Interchange Pages: 2 (536 words) Published: October 30, 2008
Communication is the ways to greet an individual and also giving instruction to other people. Without communicating the instruction cannot be convey clearly. There are a lot of ways to communicate with others such as through electronic media or through printed media. Purchasing professionals utilize a variety of media to communicate with sup-pliers, including phone, fax, face-to-face, mail, e-mail, Internet, and electronic data interchange (EDI) (Kulchitsky, Jack D. Publication: Journal of Supply Chain Management Date: Thursday, June 22 2000). In a company mostly communication was used to give any instructions, discussions or interior communications such employer-workers communication or workers-workers communication or communication between the people in the company with the people outside the company. It is important to have a good image of the company among the society to gained trust and make people believe in that particular company.

“Internal communication is the only way of ensuring that people right the way through the organization understand what our business objectives are and what’s going on at a particular time,” says Paul Walker, Chief Executive of The Sage Group.

Internal communications are important in maintaining the relationship between employer and the workers. Relationship between people in the company and the sufficient of the work of employees in the company are related close to each others. It is easier to say that when there are good relationship in the company between employer and employee, employee would feel that working in that company is really great and they would be in their best condition to have start working. Sometimes in this 21st century, people change from good to better and from better to the best. In this century, there are also workers that corrupt the company’s money. This is happen because of the ghastly communication between the workers and the owner of the company. It happens to HealthSouth Corporation that is one...
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