The Impact of Internet on Students

Topics: Learning, Education, Study skills Pages: 2 (415 words) Published: April 13, 2013
As you probably know, internet is such a knife which has two different sides (positive and negative effects). You might often see and listen to news both offline and online that tell you that there are many negative effects of internet especially for students who often utilize internet to play online games or browse either negative pictures or videos. Despite having negative effects, actually internet also brings positive effects for students, such as:

Improve students’ motivation in studying. Students possibly will feel bored if they only study from textbook day by day. That’s why internet can be good alternative media to improve students’ motivation in studying. By using internet as a learning media, students can see relevant pictures or animations which are related to lesson. Based on some reliable researches, students’ motivation in studying can increase fast if teachers or lecturers use pictures or animations in explaining lesson. Besides, students can understand lesson rapidly.

Get both updated and out-of-date information fast. By using internet to support teaching and learning process, students don’t need to look for pages of books which are related to lesson anymore. They can access search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing, type relevant keyword, and then get relevant information that they need fast. Can you imagine how busy you are when you should look for information in some text books at library? This surely will waste your time.

Comprehend lesson deeply. Generally text books provide hundred pages of information which sometimes is incomplete. By using internet to support students’ learning activity, they can get more information and comprehend their lesson deeply. Technically, they can find out lesson examples, additional information, relevant pictures and videos on internet which can make them have unlimited knowledge. Furthermore, they can utilize internet to comprehend lesson by using online eduboard homework service from Eduboard...
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