The Impact of HRM

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The Impact of HRM
My manager has asked me to draft a proposal for improving the management of human resources in our company. There are many different areas in which the company can definitely improve on such as Recruitment and Selection, Training and Development, Labor Relations, Performance Appraisal, and Pay and Benefits. I feel as though the two different areas that can be improved are Training and Development and Pay and Benefits. Starting with Training and Development, by having a training class for a length of time and then going in to on-the-job training, will definitely get an employee trained to do their job accurately and efficiently. This area of improvement can affect a business in different ways. One being is if the employee does not get trained accurately, then once the employee starts working on their own, they can and will make costly mistakes for the company. By getting an employee trained accurately and efficiently it will not only help in cutting the cost in errors, but it will also allow the job to run smoothly. The other area in which I would make improvements to would be to the Pay and Benefits. Money talks and if you give your employee motivation with yearly raises and bonuses, you would be amazed on how much more works would get done and how accurate it would be. You want to take care of your employees in any possible way that you can. The other way to motivate them would be with benefits. This would include health care, sick pay, vacation time off, 401 K option and so forth. By offering great pay, incentives and benefits to your employees, this would have such a positive impact on the company. The employees would be motivated, their work would get done, and you would have an overall happy place to work.
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