The Impact of Domestic Violence on a Person

Pages: 11 (3545 words) Published: June 17, 2012
Week 8: Revising and Editing the Essay
Write a paragraph of 150- to 300 words that summarizes the editing changes recommended by Write Point and by my feedback on last week’s rough draft. After reading both feedbacks, I saw where I made many common mistakes. for example missing words ,I used the words like you and you’re a whole lot, I also saw where I had a lot of spelling words .but when it comes to Making sure that I follow APA formatting for this paper’s i have to remember to always review the APA formatting guidelines. For example, my paper should have a title page and be double-spaced. I also have to remember not to use caps in the middle of a sentence. One tip that I was given with the write point is that when it comes to academic writing I must avoid starting a sentence with a conjunction. When it comes to punctuation, I have to try my best to leaving a space before a comma. The feedback is very important for the outcome of my paper. It helps me to see the mistakes that I made and what direction I need go in to correct it.

Write a second paragraph of 150- to 300- words that summarizes the next steps to be taken in the revision process, according to my feedback from last week as well as the Plagiarism Checker (Turn It In) report. Be sure to consider the following revision questions and provide examples to support each response: Each of the topic sentence directly address the thesis as well as the state of topic. When it comes to each of the paragraph, I have really added an effective closing that I believe really reinforces my main point. I feel that my essay does flow from beginning to the end I kept my readers in mind. When it comes to my supporting logical, I feel that I have put it in an effective way. The essay does provide strong evidence that support my opinions. For every part of my essay, it does reflect the evidence and the importance of the information that is used to in my essay. Yes, the essay does use strong transitions between the sentences and between the paragraphs. For my essay I did use outside sources to support my essay. I used Google to do many of my searches. I have to work on how I cite my sources in order to avoid plagiarism.

Post the two paragraphs, your rough draft from last week (with my feedback), the WritePointSM review, and the Plagiarism Checker report as one Word document to the Assignments link by Day Four. Please cut and paste both reports into the same document as your paragraph

Welcome to WritePoint, the automated review system that recognizes errors most commonly made by university students in academic essays. The system embeds comments into your paper and suggests possible changes in grammar and style. Please evaluate each comment carefully to ensure that the suggested change is appropriate for your paper, but remember that your instructor's preferences for style and format prevail. You will also need to review your own citations and references since WritePoint capability in this area is limited. Thank you for using WritePoint.

Domestic violence and the impact it has on a person And [In academic writing, avoid starting a sentence with a conjunction ] the people that are involved.

Domestic Violence can be classified as a physical, social and an emotional abuse of your partner with the strong intention of one person in a relationship to control the other. I believe that it is understood that domestic violence has a negative effect on the victim. The longer the abuse continues [Place comma before the following comparison phrase] the more negative the effects. It is crucial to the physical, psychological, social well fare of the victim that they recognize abuse and remove themselves from the situation quickly. Sometime [Check spelling--"Sometime" means "at some unspecified time"...
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