The Impact of Conducive Learning Environment to the University of Mindanao Engineering Students

Topics: Education, Educational psychology, Environment Pages: 14 (2148 words) Published: October 19, 2014
 Chapter 1 The Problem and Its Setting Background of the study
The research aimed to find the impact of having favorable Learning Environment to the student particularly in the University of Mindanao. This research is merely concerned to the Engineering student of University of Mindanao of how they react with a certain environment in this University. As a team researcher, we also aimed to bring important information not only to the student but also to the faculties and staff of University of Mindanao on how they address the impact of having conducive environment to the particular student. In the process of continuous learning, learning environment plays important rule in nurturing student to become a better citizen in this world. Since, we are prone in the digital period with high-tech facilities and equipment. We are obliged to take the challenge of learning as our first priority to develop as an individual. The first learning experiences in school create a foundation for successful reading by fostering favorable impression of what is to be derived from the book and language use. Programs should also accommodate children’s varied stages of social and intellectual development. Research has shown that children with rich experiential and language backgrounds are better prepared for beginning reading than children who lack such background (Grolier Encyclopedia, 1995). Choosing capable workstations acoustically sound cork bulletin boards, and other classroom furniture, as well as considering different ways to think of and use space and student desk layout and being alert to ambiance in your classroom environment, can all contribute to, or distract from, student motivation and learning. Consider flexible classroom design layouts. Contemporary education accommodates both individual learning and learning in small groups, ergonomics, and the student's sense of well-being. Maximizing incentives and minimizing distractions is important; yet, in addition, tight budgets often call for the desks and chairs to accommodate multiple uses and ages of students.  This study aimed to examine the relative impact of transformational leadership practices, school organizational conditions, teacher motivational factors, and teacher learning on teaching practices. ( The results of the study reveal that, holding all factors excepting the learning spaces constant, students taking the course in a technologically enhanced environment conducive to active learning techniques outperformed their peers who were taking the same course in a more traditional classroom setting. The evidence suggests strongly that technologically enhanced learning environments, independent of all other factors, have a significant and positive impact on student learning.

Statement of the Problem
The main objective of this research is to describe on how conducive learning environment affects the University of Mindanao Engineering students. Purposely, sought to answer the following questions: 1. Do the facilities enough to cater the learning demand of the Engineering students in terms of: a. Laboratory;

b. Library;
c. Classroom Environment;
d. Electronic Resources
2. What is the impact of the conducive learning environment to the academic performance of University of Mindanao Engineering students? 3. What are the benefits of having conducive learning environment to the following:

a. Students;
b. Faculty;
c. University?
Review of Related Literature
Learning Environment
According to Higgins, et. Al. (2005) on their research state that the learning environment could give the students achievement, engagement, affective state, attendance and well-being. There is also clear evidence that extremes of environmental elements (for example, poor ventilation or excessive...
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