The Impact of Communism

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The Impact of Communism

The government in the 1940’s used communism as the reason to spend lots of money and instill a sense of constant fear in American’s. In one of the opening lines of the “Atomic Cafe” Harry S. Truman was stating that the military had already spent 2 billion dollars “on the greatest scientific gamble in history”. There was an abundance of media that was being televised and published that showed communism as an extreme and controlled society that was led by one evil leader and referred to communists as evil rulers. It would mimic the Soviet Union and show communism as a very undesirable way to live.

It was a constant push of extremes and the only focus was to persuade against communism and communists. The fact is those two words were shown to mean something entirely different from what they actual meant. There was the American definition and there was an idea based on the desire for every man to get what each deserved rather than see those with excess take advantage. There were a number of communist groups that were formed in the US between 1935-1938, when “the depression revealed flaws in the capitalist system”.1 There was the true definition that existed in the 30’s and then by the 50’s there was the military’s definition. The military and government would paint a very different picture and push the idea that communism would end the “free life” that all America’s had come to know.

In the pursuit for total power there were risks that were not taken into consideration that would have a very negative impact not only the environment but the people in the vicinity. The government and military would claim that all of the testing of these atomic bombs was “for the good of mankind”.2 Unfortunately for those that were in the area on March 1, 1954 during the Castle-Bravo test there was no good outcome. Chairman Lewis Strauss of the Atomic Energy Commission claimed that the wind failed to follow what the...
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