The Impact of Christianity

Topics: Middle Ages, Islam, Renaissance Pages: 2 (398 words) Published: March 24, 2014
To what extent has history repeated itself relative to the crusaders of the 21st century once again waging war against Muslims in the middle east?

The impact of Christianity:
-judaism and islam also had a profound impact upon the development of European civilizaiton. -europeans were exposed to new ideas and unique cultural aspects that were essential elements in jweish ad Muslem society as expanding trade and military campaigns that brought European to the middle east. -the crusades provide an example of hOW Europeans came to the middle east as soldiers. -soicety gradulllay became feudalistic, with castle and walled cities designed by peope desperate for protection and self-preservation. -wars and armed conflict btw knights and feudal armies—which would often lay siege to the walled cirties, were the order of the day in the Dark Ages. -organized sports and phy.ed dyring this era was nonexistent.

-physical fitness and health were advocated by the scholastics, because perfection in both the soul and the body were necessary to achieve happiness.

What was the prevalent concept of the body durning the Middle ages? Where did the concept come from and what impact did it have on sport and physical ed?

- The prevalent concept of the body during the Middle Ages was primarily based on religious beliefs. - Christians believed that the body was inherently good, because God created the body and nothing created by God was evil. The body and the soul work together in order to achieve salvation. Aristotle also believed in this concept of the body and mind working together.

What were the main types of sports and physical activity during the Middle ages/ which social group participated and what did they gain from their efforts?

Continuation of some ball games from Greek & Roman era (episkyros and harpastum) Relgion was inforced in sports such as kegels and due de poume where evil and good plays a role. • Peasants played football, stoolball, quoits,...
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