The Impact of Advertising in Our Daily Lives Student Essay.

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Advertising is a form of communication whose purpose is to fix the attention of a target to induce the desired behavior: purchase product, election of a politician, encouraging environment.. Advertising, to make public action or statement of what is public has come to mean all modern means used to publicize a product, an industrial or commercial to1830. Advertising does influence our consumption?

Indeed, advertising influences our choices as consumers, initially targeting its message, then the presence of subliminal image and ending with propaganda. However, advertising is not that this aim, it can also be humanistic objects. Advertising is ubiquitous. Advertising does not leave us indifferent: She seduces,entertains or otherwise irritated, exasperated. The goal is to make known and to bring a product to purchase behavior. Advertising is a product of mass consumption. Theadvertisement conveys the norm of internality: "You can as long as we confine the means. " Advertising is the vector, creates or reinforces stereotypes. She teaches the components of a lifestyle (hygiene, meals ...) desirable. It relays the consumer aspects of the practice groups that are in dominant positions and luxury products are presentedas accessible to all. They played on and reinforces stereotypes. Advertising is fundamentally conservative. Advertising adapts to customer segments.

. Advertising inventing anything. An advertising is so easy for her to come to encourage there are several steps. The development of a commercial complex, the general approachbegins by defining strategy with targets thereof, objectives and constraints, we must then develop the message you want to go and find media to disseminate the advertising. Everything is considered and calculated. Developing a message inside of an advertisement is done by "copy strategy ". It has promise, a concrete proposal to the consumer, the evidence supporting the promise corresponding to a distinguishing feature of the product, the consumer benefit, as provided by the use of this product, and tone, the elements of messages to create an atmosphere. Then there is the advertisement which consists of visual, written and sound effects. All items are calculated based on the target (the slogan, color, text, grip). Advertising also encourages us through subliminal image. The subliminal image is an image that is undetectable to the naked eye but the brain processes anyway. It should be noted that most existing laws prohibiting such images in advertising. A subliminal message is a stimulus that is not consciously perceived by the person who receives it ,it is beyond the level of consciousness, but it excites the senses well. An example of a subliminal message is in the re-election of François Mitterrand to the presidency. The daily of  Paris "accusing him of having received subliminal messages contained in the Generic of journal TV france2. We can clearly see when it stops the picture is a picture of Mitterrand in the credits. However, the trial for "electoral manipulation" has been lost because the image lasted more than one twenty-fifth of a second, thereby excluding the qualifying subliminal. But there are many other examples. One can see that M6(French TV ) Is taken in offense by the HAC (Higher Audiovisual Council) for airing during the credits to sponsor the show "Camera Café" a subliminal image representing the logo Freedent White, a chewing gum brand Wrigley's . Propaganda is also a way to encourage consumption in our advertising. It is primarily a tool of manipulation. All those who hold power use it to convince, manipulate, and getmembership bid. Religions, sects, governments use them to achieve their ends. For their part, traders, sellers, use advertising which is a form of propaganda. Traders, vendors, seeking to convince people that they hold the secret to make them happy, the secret is obviously their products supposedly miraculous. And the dream...
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