The Impact of 9/11 on America

Topics: September 11 attacks, Al-Qaeda, Taliban Pages: 5 (1873 words) Published: September 15, 2014
ESSAY – What impacts did 9/11 have on America?
September 11, 2001, also known as 9/11, was the day that changed America, and made the world stand still. It was the most extreme attack that America had ever witnessed, far surpassing any other attempted terrorist attack. There were great impacts following 9/11, including the effects on the psychology of the American public and their perceptions of the world and other races. There was a significant impact on the economy. The government expended massive amounts of money in anti-terrorism measures, including war, business insurance, personal compensation and general clean-up costs. The attacks also had a huge impact on the American government, and its citizens’ perception of the government, specifically George W. Bush, who was the president at the time. On September 11th 2001, there were multiple terrorist attacks directed at the United States of America. Four planes were hijacked mid-flight. Two of the planes were flown into the twin towers (the world trade centre) in New York. Another plane destroyed part of the pentagon in Virginia, and the fourth was crashed into a field in Pennsylvania after the passengers disabled the terrorists. There are many suggested reasons for the attacks on the United States, some of which have been made public by Osama Bin Laden, the leader of Al Qaeda – an armed Islamic group. Bin Laden blamed American occupation of the Middle East, and their support of Israel, for the attacks. Al Qaeda is widely believed to be responsible for the 9/11 attacks, as well as many other terrorist attacks (including a previous truck bomb which was detonated under the World Trade Centre in 1993). As a result of 9/11, there were many impacts on the United States, as well as the rest of the world. The impacts include effects on peoples’ thoughts and beliefs, an effect on the economy, the cultivation of a nation of fear and insecurity, as well as growing distrust of the American Government. 9/11 is described as the day that changed the world. It had a greater impact on the United States than the Pearl Harbour bombings, or the assassination of John F Kennedy. It impacted on the politics, policies and psychology of America and its people more than any other attack that America has ever experienced. 9/11 started as a normal day for most victims of the attack– they got dressed and went to work. They did not suspect that it was to be their last day on Earth. The first plane, Flight 11, hit the North tower at 8:46am, between the 93rd and 99th floor, causing massive structural damage to the building, as well as extreme fires as a result of the jet fuel. As though one plane wasn’t enough, a second plane, Flight 175, crashed into the South tower at 9:03am. Hundreds of people died on impact. Other people died, attempting to survive, by jumping from the building. At 9:37am, the Pentagon was hit by Flight 77, all 64 people died on impact, as well as 125 Pentagon personnel. Approximately 3000 people were killed by the terrorist attacks in total. The 9/11 attacks were not the first attempt to destroy the World Trade Centre – on February 26th, 1993 a truck bomb was detonated underneath the World Trade Centre. The plan was to blow up the North Tower and have it fall directly onto the South Tower, destroying both. This failed, although it did kill 6 people, and injure thousands. The culprits were all members of Al Qaeda. 9/11 caused a mass wave of racism all over the word towards any one of Middle Eastern appearance. Even today, there is an intense amount of casual racism – in every country. Directly after the 9/11 attacks, there were hate crimes directed at anyone of Muslim appearance: an example of this is 4 days after the attacks, Balbir Singh Sodhi was killed outside a gas station by an American civilian, Frank Silva Roque. When Roque was approached by police his excuse was, “I’m a patriot and an American. I’m American. I’m a damn American.” This demonstrates the outbreak of...
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