The Immediate and Long Term Legacy of Greek and Roman Civilizations

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Western Civ. 101

The immediate and long-term legacy of Greek and Roman civilizations

Until the start of the Renaissance, in the mid 1300's, many of the brilliant ideas and advancements created and used by Greek and Roman civilizations remained dormant. Both, Greek and Roman, cultures were astounding at finding a better way or solution to handling problems and bettering their community. Most important aspects of a small city were thought out and discussed, rather than being decided by one dictator. Anything from government to language, art and architecture, and everything in between was considered and thought out to create a better understanding of life for a prospering civilization.

The Greek civilization brought many new ideas, contributions, and trials to the table of development. Greek philosophers and Greek writers created the basis for practical thinking and idea development. The intellectual side of Greece was something that had never been seen before this time. Philosophers created a new way of observing people, their attitudes, and their everyday life. Morality and having an idea of what is just or right in a society was shown among the people and the way they chose to live their lives. Greek gods shared the characteristics and common problems of all Grecians. The Greek gods were meant to represent the people and remind them everyday how very much god-like they really were. Art, architecture, and building saw a large improvement as Greeks began creating structures that would last for hundreds of years, possibly forever if had not been ruined by vandals, intruders or war. The institution of a democratic government was the most important and notable development of Greece civilization on their time, as well as ours. Greece knew what to do with its power, how to handle it, and how to spread this power among its citizens.

The advancements of the Greeks as individuals and as a whole contributed to the prosperity and...
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