The Illusion of Happiness

Topics: Sense, Illusion, Perception Pages: 1 (643 words) Published: October 21, 2014
The Illusion of Happiness
Some say that happiness is just an illusion. It is an abstract word that is too fleeting and many say that no one can find ‘true happiness’ without it being a trick of the senses and the mind and, in other words, an illusion. True happiness is often defined as satisfaction, contentment, and acceptance. But what comes after the feeling of contentment? Arthur Schopenhauer believes the world to be a "vale of tears, full of suffering. All happiness is an illusion. Life oscillates like a pendulum, back and forth between the pain and boredom". He explains happiness as a wish of satisfaction, which in turn, brings forward new wishes that again need to be satisfied. With the absence of satisfaction, we result in suffering and empty longing [1]. But if happiness results in longing, then was there truly happiness to being with? Or was it an illusion that eventually led you to chase more of this feeling? Dana Nourie states that, “To chase happiness is to chase a rainbow [2].” Rainbows are agreed to be an optical illusion of light striking water to create a multicolored arc that does not exist in a specific spot [3]. Seeing a rainbow and feeling happiness are illusions, both depending on your standing point and perspective. Contrariwise, Steve Marshall [4] says happiness is, not an illusion, but exists within us and is “itself in us, when we are ourselves within it [4].” It is the wanting and attempts to live from it that is an illusion. He also states that happiness is “the light around love, as love, loves [4].” Furthermore, nothing is hidden except true happiness; in which it is hidden from those who live from the illusion of happiness. It is also argued that happiness is only true reality and a “fulfillment of one's nature as a human being [5].” Reality is anything perceived by any of your five senses or “the state of things as they actually exist [6].” But what actually exists? This definition excludes the existence of...
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