The Ill Effects of Smoking

Topics: Smoking, Want, Psychology Pages: 1 (295 words) Published: May 21, 2013
Why is Smoking Bad For You ?

You know that smoking is one of the worst things kids or adults can do to their bodies.Then, why do you smoke? I think, you have not really become conscious about all the effects’ smoking.Whereas, there are a lot of harm of smoking.Some of them are that smoking affects your healt,you spend a lot of Money,you make some rude behaviours people around you. The first reason “Why is smoking bad for you?” is that, smoking is responsible for several diseases, such as cancer, heart disease.In the world over 2 million people deaths.Howbeit, fewer people smoke and they can not really think that for into the future to worry about an illness, but you will be sorry one day. The second reason is smoke hurts people around you whether they be your loved ones.If you don’t respect people around you, you can injure them.They move away from you.Eventually you would be alone,because many people don’t like cigarette’s smell.Be careful! You have no right. The last reason is that you spend money for smoking so much.If you are addicted person, you can not give up and you want to buy it everyday.If you need something,your money finishes for your cigarette.All the Money you would spend on cigarette could have be spent in something beter, don’t you ? Considering all of these reasons, smoking is terrible. It kils most of all the people you love and care for.I don’t understand why do people choose to smoke instead of being healty and eating fruits, vegetables and drink water.Smoking is no joke, if meses with you mentally physically and emotionally.God bless all those hearts who smoke
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