The Iks

Topics: Hurricane Katrina, Corruption, Animal Farm Pages: 2 (519 words) Published: October 12, 2008
Imagine a society where your only friend is yourself. In Northern Uganda lies a tribe called the Iks where everyday life is a selfish struggle to survive. Its a society in which morals and ethics do not apply because it was considered as a weakness. Its a society where men treat one another like animals. In the essay “The Iks” by Lewis Thomas, he discusses how each selfish individual Ik displays similar characteristics as groups in general. Though this theory is extreme, it is true. This can be seen in small groups such as gangs to larger societies such as nations.

Human beings were born without morals by nature. Over the course in history, many events happened when different culture clashes with each other. Nations in the past have tried to conquer other nations in their thirst for power, money, and resources. All people talk about is their wants instead of their needs. The Iks portray this perfect example of natural human instinct. Back when societies were more primitive, they preyed on other societies for their wants and needs.

On the last fateful week of August, 2005, New Orleans was struck by one of the deadliest Atlantic hurricanes, Hurricane Katrina. This storm created a state of chaos as it took friends, family, and loved ones and turned them against each other. Lives were lost as so as people minds. As food and money became a scarcity, civilians became salvages. People stole from stores and even their neighbors. Neighbors turned on each other and violence sparked a new answer for every need. This epidemic of animalistic behavior overran the city, and every hope of civilization was nowhere to be seen. This behavior can be seen with the Iks. The only difference is that the Iks live in this horrifying society on a daily basis. The Iks is a damned tribe that lost its ways and cannot be saved.

In the book Animal Farm, by George Orwell, once corrupted the characters in the book turned against each other. "All animals are equal but some animals are...
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