The Iguana V’s the Thai Water Dragon

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The Iguana or Thai Water Dragon
Things to consider before purchasing.
July 29, 2012
Authored by: Kelly Robertus

The Iguana V’s the Thai Water Dragon
If you are thinking of adding a new pet to your family there are many to choose from. Two interesting ones are the Iguana and a Thai Water Dragon. When making the decision, here are some things to consider. The kind of time they require to care for to have long and healthy lives. The kind of living environments each need. (Cages) The food each reptile require for their diets. The sizes can each of them become as adults? • Most important, the cost to care for each of them is it a good fit for your family. Thai Water Dragon

It is always good to research any pet you buy; doing the research on these will help you make the best decision for the pet and your family. Each reptile has certain requirements for the cage that they live in. Both come from places that have high humidity. The Iguana is from South Central America, and the Thai Water Dragon is from Southeast Asia. Though they both need humidity the Thai Water Dragon does not need as much. Each reptile should have a humidity barometer and a temperature thermometer in the cage to regulate the surroundings. The Iguanas temperature during the day should be around 85-95 degrees. The Thai Water Dragons temperature should be around 90-95 degrees. It is very important this is monitored. These are basking bulbs.

These are UVB bulbs.

There are two kinds of light required for each cage; this is to ensure the health of the reptiles. However there are different wattages to choose from. One of the lights provides the heat that they need. The wattage is determined from the temperatures that were listed earlier. The other light is called an UVB emitting bulb. This bulb is what is considered their natural sun light. The Iguana’s wattage for the basking bulb will change as it grows. The Iguana needs...
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