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the ielts exam topics in 2012-9-1 2012-9
2012 年 9 月份第一场雅思考试已经结束,九月份是换题库月,很多同学关心的是雅思口语 新题出题情况。我们在网上搜集整理了本次雅思口语考试话题,希望对同学们有所帮助。从 2012 年 9 月 1 日、 日雅思口语考试情况来看, 2 本次雅思口语第一部分和第二部分都出现了 不少新题,这一个月雅思口语新话题将会陆续出现,同学们要有心理准备,准备旧话题的同 时要兼顾近期出现的一些新话题。 本次雅思口语 part one 部分出现的新话题有:bags, Dances,Keeping healthy, Mobile phone 等等。 Part two 部分出现的新题有: 人物类话题: person you enjoy talking to A (全新话题) Someone , who Helped You (旧题回归) 。地点类话题:A beautiful house or apartment you’ve visited,A monument which is of national importance in your country; 事件类话题: casual activity you did A along the beach,An important traditional event in your country,A project you take part in with others,A thing made you relaxed,your life plan in the future (not related to work or study) ,An unusual job you want to do,One of the difficult experiences you have suffered recently(旧题翻 新) ;物品类话题:An unsatisfied thing you ever bought,An old photograph;媒介类话题:A film about real people and events 等。 出现的新话题解析: 1、An unsatisfied thing you ever bought,其实这个话题跟之前常考的第一部分的 shopping 话 题有一定的关联,在第三部分问题准备部分可以参考以前第一部分 shopping 常见问题。 2、A beautiful house or apartment you’ve visited,此话题实为第一部分话题 house &apartment 的延展话题。 3、An old photograph 实为旧题翻新的话题,以前考过很多类似的照片的话题,如家庭照片、 难忘的照片等等。 4、A casual activity you did along the beach 新题,在海口考点出现,与地域有一定的关系, 其实跟之前的 A River or Lake 这个话题比较接近,可以一起准备。 5、An important traditional event in your country 全新话题,不排除在接下来几场考试中反复 出现,比如中秋节临近,会不会在九月份反复出现; 6、 A project you take part in with others 旧题翻新题,与之前常考的 A group activity you took

part in 类似; 7、A monument which is of national importance in your country 为旧题回顾的题,很久没有考 到,再次出现,可能接下来几次还会考到。 8、 person you enjoy talking to 旧题翻新题, A 以前考过的类似话题为 An Old Person You Like to Talk To,可以一起准备。 9、A thing made you relaxed 第一部分延展的新话题,以前第一部分常考 relaxation 的话题,

10、 One of the difficult experiences you have suffered recently 为旧题翻新的题。 以前考过的是 Something Difficult You Did。 11、your life plan in the future (not related to work or study),此题有要求不能是与工作或是学 习相关的人生计划,所以有一定难度。

Part one Bags (深圳)新题 What kinds of bags do you have? What are the differences of the bags between girls’ and boys’?

Mobile phone (福州、成都)新题

Keeping healthy (广州)新题

Dances (海口) 新题 Do you like dancing? Are dancing popular in your country? What kinds of dances do students like?

Museum (悉尼)新题

Birthday (新西兰、郑州、南昌、广州、海口、上海)

Leisure activities (合肥、南昌、石家庄、苏州)

Wedding (北京、郑州、杭州、石家庄、上海)

Major (北京、南京、上海、广州、郑州、南昌、昆明)

House & apartment (新西兰、北京、深圳、海口、杭州、郑州、广州) What are the advantages of living in an apartment in a city?

Hometown (上海、福州、重庆、沈阳、福州、南京)

Exercises (新西兰、北京、广州、重庆) What are the benefits of doing exercises?

Relatives (澳洲、北京、广州、深圳) Who is your most important relative? Who did you spend most time with when you were a child? Do you spend more time with your relatives or friends?

Color (上海、郑州、广州、杭州、海口)

Cloth & fashion (北京、上海、昆明、南京)


Food & meal (上海、杭州)

Shopping (上海)


TV program (上海)


Primary & elementary school (上海、北京、郑州) Do you like your primary school? What subject did you like best in primary school?

Drawing (南京) Why do some people like drawing? Is drawing important to us?

Flowers (福州、长春) Have you ever give sb. Flowers as a gift? Do you like plastic flowers?

Weather (福州、南京、合肥)

Future job (广州、南昌、北京、上海)

Being punctual (长春)

photograph (广州、昆明)

Childhood toy (石家庄、杭州)

Driving & car (北京、昆明、南京)

Part two

人物题 A person you enjoy talking to (悉尼、成都)新题 Describe a person you enjoy talking to You should say Who is he or she Why you like to talk to him or her Part 3 How do parents help child to speak? In which area do we need communication skills? Do you think we can learn how to do presentation?

Someone who Helped You (北京)旧题回归 Describe someone who helped you. You should say: who it was what they did how he or she helped you and explain how you felt after they did this.

A Famous Person (上海、北京、海口、济南、深圳) Describe a famous person you would like to meet. You should say: who this...
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