The Ideology of Pakistan

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 Pakistan Studies

Chapter # 1
Q1. Write down the aims & objectives of the creation of Pakistan? Ans. Pakistan came into being on 14th August 1947. The Muslims of India had scarifies there wealth honour & life to make a Pakistan reality. Struggle for attainment of Pakistan started very after the war of independence 1857. Aims & Objectives of the Creation of Pakistan

After the war of Independence the Muslims were greatly pressed by the Hindus as well as the British. Social, political and economical conditions of the Muslims were totally changed. That is why they demanded for a separate state of their own. Following were the Aims & Objectives that led to the creation of Pakistan. 1. Setting up of a Free Islamic Society:

The main objective of the creation of Pakistan was to establish a free Islamic Society having its own identity and government, practicing its own social principles and religion and inviting the Muslims of the world, particularly and others generally to adopt the Islamic way of life. 2. Protection from Communal Riots:

The communal Riots on every other day made it clear that the Hindus could monopolies the politics after the departure of The British. The lives of Muslims could never be safe in the united India. The Hindu organizations had again and again asserted that Hindu Raj would be imposed on India after the independence. So to get rid of these atrocities the Muslims demanded their separate state. 3. Social & Political Development of Muslims:

After the war of Independence 1857, the social environment was totally changed. The Muslims were scared of the caste system and other discriminations. They could enjoy neither political nor social liberties; therefore, they preferred to have a separate homeland in which they could live according to the teachings of Islam. 4. Protection of Muslim Language

The Hindus did the best to replace Urdu by Hindi. But they did not succeed during British period. If South Asia had got freedom without partition, the Hindu majority could very easily declare Hindi, the official and national language. The Hindu government could wipe out all signs of Muslim culture; therefore, the Muslims had no choice except putting a demand for Pakistan. 5. Protection of Two Nation Theory:

The Muslims claimed separate nationhood for themselves and they were determined to maintain a separate entity for all times to come. The Muslims believe in separate religion, practice different traditions, and have their own history and their cultural heritage. Their claim was absolutely true. It was their right to keep their separate entity alive and to enjoy all human rights. This was not possible in undivided India.

6. Establishment of Islamic State:
Islam is a complete code of life. The Muslims wanted to implement the system practically. This could not be attained in United India therefore, they passed a resolution and demanded an Islamic state in the North East and North West of South Asia. 7. Setting up of True Islamic Society:

Islam upholds the golden principles of freedom, justice, brotherhood and equality but living for centuries with the Hindu community, the Muslims were gradually ignoring, consciously or unconsciously, these principles. Islam gives guidance for individual as well as collective life. It has its own principles such as ban on usuary, gambling, to refrain from all unlawful means of income and expenditure. Again extravagance is regarded devilish. The rights of the neighbours are stressed which results in social security to all. God-fearing and belief in the Hereafter are the basis for the social life of the Muslims. 8. Dream of Muslims to get freedom:

Due to the ill treatment of Hindus and British the Muslims also wanted to get freedom and established their own Govt. in the sub continent because the freedom is right of every nation and the country. For this reason they demanded Pakistan. 9. Narrow Mindedness of...
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