The Ideology of Consensus

Topics: Religion, Age of Enlightenment, Morality Pages: 1 (293 words) Published: December 15, 2012
During the industrial revolution the British people work to improve their social life. They wanted to build a new country which is free from all kinds of political and religious conflicts. The result that they have started to search for solutions can build a new civilization thus they used the ideology of consensus. In politics, they needed to make a social harmony by supporting in both taste and common sense. They faced many problems, including the conflict between the Whigs and Tories and Lack of respect for the monarchy (paper). They found that the solution to all this rage is to achieve social amity. They used the spectator and Tatler magazines in order to speak about social amity. All of this was to improve the English people’s morals and an end to all forms of conflict. Also, the political system at that time was not ideal due to that many social vices spread as lawless polls. So, now to make a New England they needed liberty and freedom without license by achieving social unity.

Secondly, the ideology of consensus in Religion. In the past religious was inflexible, in other words, it is debatable. To reform the century and change it religion must be flexible. The church spokesmen and Cambridge Platonists were encouraged morals rather than Dogma. Christian liberals tried to update Christianity by allowing the ideas of Enlightenment. Now it is the age of reason. They tried to tell people that God is great, harmonist and he does not exist only for punishment but is also forgiving. They also affirmed that religious is about charity, it is exists to help people. Bigotry was not required; you should hear the opinions of others. . In addition, they could introduce Aesthetics and Ethics were interrelated.
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