Topics: Venus of Urbino, Diego Velázquez, Painting, Nudity / Pages: 4 (870 words) / Published: Feb 24th, 2014
This research seeks to compare and contrast the following paintings by; Titian’s, Venus of Urbino. 1538, Edouard Manet’s, Olympia. 1863 and Lucian Freud’s Naked Portrait (Kate Moss). 2002 by looking at “The Idealised Body” in relation to the issues of “gaze, looked-at-ness, voyeurism, objectification as well as notion of the woman as an object of pleasure for a male viewer by the male artist. These works are all painted on different times, Titians painting was painted during Renaissance period as in the spring of 1538 titian was commissioned to paint a nude portrait for the duke of Urbino Guidobaldo della Rovere. , Manet’s Olympia was painted during the Realism period done 1863 and Naked Portrait of Freud is an Expressionism painting done in 2002.
Both paintings depict naked women in a reclining position, and both women were well known figures. Titian’s Venus has long been held by the art establishment as one of the ultimate examples of figure paintings and female beauty. In contrast Manet’s Olympia created a scandal when it was first exhibited at the Paris Salon of 1865.In fact; it ignited a scandal over art and decency that has rarely been experienced. Most of Freud’s models are people who are known to him and who play some part in his life. Kate Moss was not just a model but supermodel that was an unexpected choice of Freud’s subject, because he said that the last thing he wants is a professional model. He wants to paint real person, not a practised holder of poses. If these paintings are so similar, why did Olympia causes such a scandal? It’s always being considered right to paint nudes if the context was one of mythology, ancient history, or some exotic, far off place. Manet’s Olympia depicts a contemporary scene, not an exotic or mythological context. Manet’s Olympia depicts a prostitute. Rather than allowing the viewer to assume the role of an unseen voyeur, her gaze engages the viewer as she would a

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