The Ideal Man Essay

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Ideal Man Essay: Rewrite
Alicia Luttrell
AP English
October 11, 2012

From ancient times to present day, authors from around the world have tried to pursue the ideal man. After reading some of their stories, it is easy to see that each story depends on the type of culture the author was raised in. Throughout this pursuit, the ideal man has taken on many different forms. The ideal man may be thought of as someone who is perfect, but some may see him as someone who overcomes faults or doubts. He could also be seen as someone tries to become the ideal man or is well-known and liked throughout the land.

In Flight, the young man Pepe has to learn to become a man after his father dies. His mother tells him almost daily that he is lazy and needs to get to work. As Pepe’s mother starts to rely more on him, she sends him into town to pick up some medicine and supplies. This is the start of Pepe forming into a man. His mother is instilling responsibility in him to help out the family. He goes on a journey and ends up proving that his mother should have never sent him because he kills someone. He runs from his crime and tries to get away from facing the consequences. Although he wanted to be like his father, the ideal man in Pepe’s eyes, he was young and foolish. The doubt of his mother didn’t help though. John Steinbeck wrote this story to show the reader that just because there is a void to fill does not mean that the person filling that void is ready for the task. Pepe tried to be like his father and fill his shoes. Some readers might view trying as a characteristic of an ideal man. Although Pepe tried he still lacked strength and courage to face his mistakes.

The strange story of The Handsomest Drowned Man In The World is an example of creating an ideal man. The town’s people created a life that they thought this handsome man, they found on the beach, should have lived. Instead of just burying and being done with him, they chose to give him a life story so...
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