The Ideal Government

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The government
I call this form of Government, a constitutional Oligarchy. In the Constitution of this nation, it is stated that there are three branches to this country, similar to our country. The first branch is the Oligarchy (ruled by few). There are three consuls, basically dictators that have been elected from the “Higher Council” (which will be talked about later). The Consuls rule every aspect of Government; the economy, trade, commerce, etc. however, even with all the power they hold, an act can only be made if all three of the consuls can agree upon it (except for creation of new laws, that is the third branches power, and power of the military that is the power of the second branch). In the same way as well, a consul or consuls, if found unjust and unworthy to rule, will be booted out of office and replaced immediately; the power to do so is held by the second branch, the High Council.

The High Council is an assembly of elected officials from each region of the country; two per region. The consuls of the first branch are elected by the High Council to rule, and an election is held annually for consulship; there is no term as there is in the U.S. but a Consul can be elected any number of times until they lose an election.

Though the main power of the High Council is to watch over the Consuls, they have total power over the police and military (who will be explained in the laws), the High Council also serves a “Supreme Court.” They take into account any federal offences and decide appropriate punishments for law breakers and can create a basis for new laws to be voted upon. Which actually leads to the third branch of government, the people.

To say it simply, a new law may be up for vote; either an idea of a Consul or Councilmen. The third branch holds all power to vote a law into the constitution. Besides the power of democratic law making, they also obviously vote for Councilmen to sit in the High Council.

No Murder (Self defense may be...
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