The Iceberg Theory of the Unconscious Mind

Topics: Mind, Consciousness, Unconscious mind Pages: 1 (348 words) Published: December 6, 2011
A concept I recently learned about is the Iceberg Metaphor of the unconscious mind. In this metaphor, the small bit of the iceberg that is visible above the water represents the conscious mind, or the part of the mind used for analyzing and making decisions based on information that is brought from the unconscious (or rises spontaneously). The large, massive part of the iceberg UNDER the water, however, represents the subconscious, or unconscious part of the mind. This part of the mind controls the majority of functions of an individual and is the storehouse of people's emotions and memories. The most intriguing part of this is that the most powerful part of the human mind is the part that is not even consciously controlled by the individual, but more or less runs independent of the "intelligent" thoughts and ideas of the mind. It also stores all the knowledge, memories, and experiences a person has throughout the whole of it's existence. That, to me, is amazing, because if somehow scientists today were able to tap into that vast expanse of knowledge and unlock the key to the subconscious, people would be infinitely more intelligent and able to make advancements in whatever field they chose to pursue. This would also mean that, should a person choose to learn something, they would never lose that knowledge, and could build and build upon it, never having to worry about being able to remember anything previously studied. The intelligence of the human race could potentially be unrivaled, and perhaps, when all knowledge can be accessed and stored at once, a perfect society could be achieved; because then, when there is nothing left to learn, and no fear of forgetting what has been learned, should not the mistakes and follies of history be easily avoided and fixed? Sadly, no such technology or feat of science has been found today, so the inhabitants of the earth shall go on with the exhausting task of plucking, from beneath the icy depths of their subconscious,...
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