The Hypothesis Is Relationships Between Socioeconomic and Infant Mortality

Topics: Regression analysis, Sociology, United Kingdom Pages: 2 (341 words) Published: December 8, 2008
1. The study’s hypothesis or objective.

The hypothesis is relationships between socioeconomic and infant mortality. “Modeling the Relationship between Socioeconomic Status and Mortality in a Mixture of Majority and Minority Ethnic Groups” (Young, 2006). The income an infant mortality has a relationship. If you do not have the income, to have prenatal care, your chances of having a healthy child or a still born is very high. Poverty has no boundaries when it comes to society (races). 2. The study’s methodological approach.

“Ethnic variation in mortality and whether this variation can be explained by socioeconomic status are of substantive interest to social epidemiologists”. (Young, 2006) The study found that the recurring patterns in the occurrences of the awareness-seeking event were related to several contextual aspects of the influence of socioeconomic and mortalities in the in the analysis studies. The context-behavior relationship is captured by a poisson regression model. Methodological is the approach and research of the environment actions, our planet, the children’s mortality The analytical method can be applied to the study of situated actions in other databases systems. Both the methodological and analytical method complements one another.

3. The study’s pertinent findings.

“The authors use spline smoothing within a generalized additive model framework as an exploratory data analysis, following a strategy of adding just enough model structure to gain a sensible picture” (Young, 2006). 4. The study’s Conclusions

This study developed a probabilistic model of the usage of an awareness-maintaining mechanism in a collaborative hypertext database system. Longitudinal (relating to development over a period of time) time series data of user-database interaction were studied. When using a Probabilistic model there is always the belief that certainty is impossible, and that therefore decisions must be based on probabilities...
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