The Humble Bathroom Plunger Analysis

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Before you celebrate the acquisition of your first rental with champagne, pizzas, and sweet rolls, sit on the built-in battle-scarred leather couch and brainstorm. Sure, you think you’re already set because after all, you already have necessities such as a refrigerator, a TV, and an Internet connection. But no, you’re not even halfway there: you may lack certain necessities, such as tools and other items which are easily available in your parents’ home.

So, take out a pen and paper, and add these items into your “must-acquire now” checklist:

The Humble Bathroom Plunger

In the past few days, you’ve been gorging meat dishes, pizzas, and white bread all week. We shouldn’t go into detail, but let’s say your toilet clogged due to your low fiber...

Aged buildings using old plumbing systems are prone to clogging, so be wary if the apartment you’re in is a few decades old.

A Toolbox (with a complete set of tools)

Your landlord and maintenance crew will likely have one, but it wouldn’t hurt to have your own. Though if it’s unlikely that you’ll be hammering nails on 2x4s or drill holes on the thin walls, you might need one for quick fixes such as:
• Tightening a loose screw.
• Replacing a rusty nail in an old couch.
• Fixing a leaky pipe.

Even if you can’t hammer a nail into a piece of wood to save your life, just get one for contingency – and emergency – purposes.

A Survival Kit

Though it’s unlikely you’ll use this for surviving an improbable zombie apocalypse, you’ll need it for blackouts, natural disasters, and minor boo-boos. Your makeshift survival kit must contain the following items:

• A battery operated flashlight
• Batteries
• Candles
• Bottled water
• Medicinal supplies
• A multi-tool (or a Swiss knife)

Even if the chances of experiencing a calamity are pretty low, it wouldn’t hurt to prepare. See the complete and recommended list provided by the International Red Cross.

Over-the-Counter Drugs and Health...

Most likely, the areas where you want to place your work desk will be far from the outlets; you’ll need extension cords to eliminate this problem, thus allowing you to place your appliances anywhere.

House Cleaning Agents and Materials

Renting a place requires a certain degree of responsibility. Nobody likes cleaning, but you have to do it if you don’t want to live with a dozen rats and hundreds of cockroaches. Here’s what you may need:

• A vacuum cleaner…and vacuum bags.
• A feather duster, to clean off furniture and appliances.
• A mop, handy when you need to clean uncarpeted floors.
• Antimicrobial, all-purpose household cleaners. It needs to be able to kill off bacteria and mold, as well as neutralize harsh odors.

Also take tips, from your parents no less, how to clean. Remember though, always go under pieces of furniture, or else you’ll have to perpetually deal with a dust...
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