The Human Rights Act in the Uk

Topics: Human rights, Law, Universal Declaration of Human Rights Pages: 3 (976 words) Published: March 16, 2008
The aim of this essay is to discuss the development of human rights legislation and whether the Human Rights Act has helped to protect the rights of British citizens. The general aim of this essay is to;

1)To follow the development of human rights legislation, from the end of World War 2, to the present day. 2) And how the Human Rights Act 1998, has affected the lives of British Citizens, for example recently a law allowing terror suspects to be detained for up to 90 days without charge, but this was dropped as it was deemed to breach the rights of those being detained for such a long period of time.

After World War 2, appalled by the atrocities committed during the war, The United Nations adopted the universal Declaration of Rights in 1948. Although not legally binding, it urged member countries to promote certain rights contained within the declaration. The Universal Declaration was the first ever international, legal attempt to limit the behaviour of countries.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights contains 30 articles. But the most important of these are articles are considered to be the following;

oThe right to life, liberty, property and security of person. oThe right to an education
oThe right to employment, paid holidays, protection against unemployment and social security. oThe right to participate fully in cultural life.
oFreedom from torture or cruel, inhumane treatment or punishment oFreedom of thought, conscience and religion.
oFreedom of expression and opinion.

In 1998 The Human rights act was given royal assent. The act made the rights contained within the Universal declaration of human rights, more effective within the UK. It did this by making it unlawful for any public body to act in a way which conflicted with the declaration. As well as this it also enabled UK to have breaches of their human rights rectified within UK courts, rather then having to travel to Strasbourg, which could cost thousands of pounds....
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