The Human Right Issues

Topics: Prison, Human rights, Law Pages: 2 (546 words) Published: April 28, 2013
About one percent of the United States population is incarcerated. As society has become more sensitive toward human right issues the laws have changed for prisoners. Despite the laws and previsions that has been put in place to protect the human rights of prisoners and make sure they pay their debt to society, several people think that it is not enough or it is too much on both sides of the issue. Utilitarianism is an ethical theory that determines the moral value of an act in terms of its results and if those results produce the greatest good for the greatest number (Mosser, 2010). From the utilitarianism perspective the issues with prisoner may be they are treated unfairly or too well. For several years the treatment of prisoners has been very poor and inhumane. In the pass prisoners were often beaten and put to death as a form of punishment. Prisoners live in poor conditions and were denied food and water at times. Various adjustments have been made to please the ethical and moral views of society. In 1909 when the Georgia Supreme Court granted prisoners civil rights despite not have other liberties Davenport (2009).

Many people feel that prisoner should not have even human rights because they violated the law that puts them in the predicament. Therefor they prisoner should accept the punishment and also the hard life of the prison system. When prisoners face abuse, rapes and violate attacks no one seen to be outrage because some may feel “there is an eye for an eye” and the prisoner is getting just what they deserve. Some people belief these types of treatment send a message to others and make them thinks twice before committing a crime that will have you incarcerated. As time progress the prison system became a place to contain prisoners that are not fit for society and to rehabilitate those with will have the privilege to enter back into society. Prisoners were also...

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