The Human Nature of Christ

Topics: Jesus, Christianity, Religion Pages: 2 (493 words) Published: February 24, 2014
The church believes in the two natures Jesus. Firstly, he was a man and therefore succumbed to the nature of a human being. He had a human body, human emotions, a human mind and a human will. He was subjected to pain, sorrow, and accumulation of wisdom and is submissive to God like all humans should be. This allows us to come to understand Jesus as one among us and assimilate with him and trust in him to guide us. Matthew 4:1-25 shows clearly all the points above with him being tempted but resisted and was submissive to God’s will as in the statement “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.” Secondly, his divine nature proves that he was something more than us. This gives him characteristics that normal humans would not have therefore be able for others to have faith in him and challenge others beyond their state of insecurity and take that leap of faith because he was sent by God. He applies grace to everything he does where a normal man or woman have applied haste and lack of sophistication. He combines these to natures with in the one body to go out and preach what he believes in and shares his experience and knowledge with the people around him and they can believe in him as he was human and understands us but be divine and look down upon us and guide us as well.

The resurrection of Jesus is one of the core beliefs of Catholics. This is because it is the main proof of Catholicism. Things are created and have a purpose but then dissolve and the fragments left over fade away and soon become just reminiscence. However this is not the case with Jesus as he escaped death and resurrected which is significant because He claimed that every promise he ever made would be proven with his resurrection. With this reassurance His disciples moved forward and started to make disciples of all nations. He became more than idea, he was the living embodiment of what Catholicism is today out of trust. It also proves that he is...
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