The HRM of Lois Cosmetics Nigeria Ltd

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The Human Resource function within each organisation varies and unique to the attainment of its corporate goal. The quality of workers an organisation employed determines whether the organisation will attain its goal faster, as one with poor quality of worker is tend will pass through difficulties as its worker force is a threat to achievement of the goal. To ensure that ideal candidates are employed, an organisation has to carry out job analysis and job description in order to ensure that an ideal candidate is employed for a particular job. There is need to ensure that its work force is constantly giving training and re-training to improve individual, group and organisational performance. This will equally increase productivity, quality, reliability flexibility and safety and reduce cost and waste. However, the issues of remuneration cannot be left out to ensure workers give their best to the growth of the company. We will look at Lois Cosmetics Nigeria Ltd to see how its human resources are being treated and their contribution to the growth of the company.

The company in focus is: Lois Cosmetic Nigeria Limited, a subsidiary of Fansco International Limited. Lois Cosmetics Nigeria Limited is duly registered under Section 22 of Companies And Allied Matters Acts (CAMA) of 1990 as a Private Company with the Corporate Affairs Commission, the Nigerian agency that in-charge of registration of companies. The company’s address with which it was registered is No 9 Odudu Close Agric. Ojo, Lagos Nigeria. The company sole business activity is the production of wide range of Lois cosmetics products like soaps, detergents and creams. The company has 5 Directors and they are as follows.

Mr. Homs Ezeani has 45 percent of the shares of the company. He is also the Chairman of the Board of Directors. Engr. Stephen Ezeokana has 20 percent of the shares of the company and he is equally the Production Manager of the company. Mrs Victoria Ezeani has 15 percent of the shares of the company. She is the wife of the Chairman of the company. Mr. Barry and miss Vivian Ezeani have 10 percent of the shares of the company of the company respectively and they are the children of the chairman of Board of the Director.

Lois Cosmetics Organisational Chart

The company’s main mission for being in business is to serve its esteemed customers with good quality products as obtainable elsewhere in the world at a lesser cost and return reasonable margin as a profit to the owners. The Problem

According to my survey and research, at present the company have are various Human resources issues which are binding them in achieving required goals. They are as follows:

Poor job description
Recruitment and Selection
The organisation problems can be illustrated by the use of Fishbone Diagram The Fishbone diagram; is used to identify and list all the factors that are conditioning the problemat hand •This is primarily a group problem analysis technique, but can be used by individuals as well

The process is called Fishbone Analysis because of the way in which the information gathered is arranged visually – like the skeleton When would you use it?
Usually in the Mobilise stage of the process to identify scale and scope of issues and problem areas but also useful in the Discover stage of the change process following Fishbone diagram will help the firm to understand main issues in the firm which are to be taken care of.

With the help of diagram we can find that the firm is going through Human resource problems such as

1Poor Job Description: There is no...
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