The House Rules

Topics: Washing, Cleanliness, Hygiene Pages: 2 (812 words) Published: October 16, 2012
The house rules & The Official Agreement
Firstly I don’t expect to treat you like a child and I don’t plan on acting like a mother figure who tells you what to do like clean your room, not to go out, wash the dishes etc. I expect you to know or to simply use your common sense as to what you should be doing when you’re staying being clean and cleaning after yourself when you eat or use the bathroom or use anything else in the house. So please respect our wishes and rules of the house. Don’t take advantage of our offer as we are trying to help you with accommodation to benefit you. If you decide that you don’t want to follow our rules or respect us & our wishes we’ll simply kick you out.

* Don’t bring drugs to our house
* Don’t bring any of your friends to our house including boyfriends because we’re not going to accept it. I’m not saying that you can’t have a boyfriend just saying that I/we don’t want him here in our house. If you want to stay with friends or boyfriends go to their house and stay with them. No one is allowed to stay here, no friends can sleep over, NO ONE….. * Don’t expect me to drive you everywhere. We aren’t going to be taxi drivers for you. If we’re going somewhere and you need a lift in the same direction then of course we’ll drop you off, but if you need a ride somewhere and we’re doing something or if you ask and we say ‘no’ then don’t keep asking us because it’s just annoying and we don’t want to just drop what we’re doing just to take you somewhere. Try to be reliant on yourself, because although you stay here the deal you have with us by being here is good enough already so just try not to expect too much * Make sure you clean up after yourself – when you eat, after you have a shower and just keep your room a bit tidy coz Dons clothes are still in the room * Don’t wear any of the clothes shoes or anything that’s in Dons closet * Do your own washing

* Buy your own toiletries. You can use the...
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