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The House on the Hill

By Birah15 Apr 11, 2013 263 Words
The mystery of this house dated back to 1945 during the era of the World War 2. A businessman and his petite woman from France occupied this property. The husband was a tall, thin and dashing guy. The wife was slender, demure and beautiful. Her green eyes glowed in the sun. People say she looked as beautiful as Snow White. No one in all of London looked more beautiful. at the time they had no children so, they were quite lonely in the big house. The couple often threw parties, inviting their friends near and far into their house. They house was with the finest taste of furniture. They had a majestic chandelier dangling in the middle of the living room. As the businessman was a man of art, it was no surprise to find many beautiful drawings around the house by famous artists like Leonardo Dicaprio and Pablo Picaso.

The wife found out her husband was cheating on her. Then one day, the businessman was found dead in his house. Some People say he was killed by a gang of burglars who broke into the house and killed him but others believe his wife had killed him. Unfortunately, no one knew the truth. The next day the wife killed herself with her husbands’ golden dagger. This strengthened the people’s believe that he wife had indeed killed her husband.

I walk past the house everyday on my way to school.
There was once a house on the hill. The shingles were worn out. The walls were infratrated by

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