The House of the Spirits

Topics: Isabel Allende, The House of the Spirits, Pablo Neruda Pages: 3 (973 words) Published: November 2, 2008
The House of the Spirits

After reading many sections from various novels by Isabel Allende in Spanish class. I was in intrigued to read one of ther books. After noticing, that The House of the Spirits was one of my options I knew that was the one. Her writing style is so unique and it really makes you “step out” of your comfort zone. Though, the book at times was very hard to understand there was a lot of different things that made me want to keep reading it. It was mainly a more feminine novel and often showed that women were the main role in the story. It was a book within a book that told the story of a family from generation to generations.

I can not lie, but her book made me grab a dictionary a lot more then I have in any other story. She expanded my vocabulary and made me learn how to pronounce words that I would not have know the meaning in a million years. Words such as: clairvoyance, laudanum, oligarchy, harangue, and the list goes on. Although, my belief was that “ a sentence can give a hint of what the word meant”, in this case it did not work. Her book is filled with so many analogies that it did not make it that much easier. She has a sense of expressing what she sees and wants us to understand differently from other authors. One of these analogies is: “At birth Rosa was white and smooth, without a wrinkle, like a porcelain doll, with green hair and yellow eyes—the most beautiful creature to be born on earth since the days of original sin, as the midwife put it, making the sign of the cross”[ ]. At first I thought it meant that the girl really did look like that and she was untouched by sin from reading forward I saw that her mom knew something. “She preferred not to torment her daughter with earthly demands, for she had a premonition that her daughter was a heavenly being, and that she was not destined to last very long in the vulgar traffic of this world” [7]. This gave me and understanding that her mother knew that her...
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