The Host by Stephanie Meyer: Improving Lives

Topics: Soul, Human anatomy, Spirit Pages: 3 (1043 words) Published: November 17, 2012
Improving lives.
The Host, by Stephanie Meyer is a book about a race of aliens that have come to planet Earth to take over. These aliens called souls are silver centipede like creatures that are placed inside the humans by an insertion on the back of the neck. They take over the human body. The humans are scarce from the planet, except for a small rebellion group. From this group, Melanie, one of them is capture and a soul named Wanderer is placed inside of her. After insertion Melanie does not disappear like she is suppose to. This leads to a series of events where Wanderer is trying to figure out whether she should continue or move on to another host. Wanderer sets out to find Jamie, Melanie's brother and Jarred, Melanie's lover. And in the process she is captured by the group of surviving humans. The humans soon after realize Melanie is still alive inside Wanderer. And after a lot of controversy is somewhat welcomed as a member of the community. On a certain incident Jaimie gets injured and they need soul medicine. Wanderer suggests of her going on a raid to acquire the medicine, but they instantly refused. This raises the debatable question: should Wanderer be allowed to go on raids? Wanderer should be allowed to go on raids because she can provide them with a broader variety of resources humans cannot get, she is also familiar with the soul community which allows humans not to risk their lives and she could in the long run help them survive longer. The humans should allow Wanderer to go on raids because she has the ability to give them a bigger range of resources which they cannot get themselves. Once a soul is inserted into a human body you can see a silver ring within their eyes, this is the tell to who is human and who is a soul. When the humans go on raids, they have to be very careful not to be seen because this can result in them being captured. With the ability of Wanderer going to raids they won’t have to worry about any of this. She can walk among...
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