The Horses Dealers Daughter Critical Analysis

Topics: Love, Heart, Romance Pages: 4 (1383 words) Published: February 5, 2012
In Lawrence, D.H "The Horses Dealer's Daughter" the author implements a common idea through out his story; that idea is that of love at first sight. It is not possible for people to fall in love upon first sight. It is simply illogical. In order to fall in love you must get to know the person, thus your heart does the rest of the work. Had the story been written differently it would have actually made proper sense.

In this short story The horse dealer's daughter is a young woman named Mabel, who recentley finds out that her family has lost all of their money, seeing as how the Mother and Father are dead; her brothers can leave and start their own lives somewhere else with a lot of options, however Mabel has nowhere to go. She has a few options she can either go to live with a sister, thus becoming a servant. Due to the fact that she had gone many years taking care of the families household, these options are simply not good for her, so she does not accept them.

Her mind is in chaos, she decides to go down to the cemetery to trim the grass around her mother's grave. In the cemetery she crosses paths with Jack Ferguson who is the towns doctor, but he only stares at her, he feels attracted to her in some way.

As time passed, in the story , he meets Mabel again, she is going to a pond and out of no where she is drowining in the pong. The doctor, who acts out of instinct, saves her and takes her to his house. There, he undresses her, puts dry cloths and gives her whisky. When she opened her eyes she said that she loved him. At this point of the story, Lawrence describes a curiousity that Jack possess over Mabel. He is completely mesmerized by her as she tells him that she loves him. After a kiss, he admits to loving her, however as the story ended Mabel is frightened by Jack’s intonation when he says that he wanted her. She is extremley uncertain whether he loves her or not.

Mabel clained to have fallen in love with Jack, yet she had never once talked to...
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