The Horrific Treatment of Slaves and Toni Morrison's Beloved

Pages: 2 (866 words) Published: October 29, 2014

Haunting and ghosting is described as ideas of the past and the future, haunting, bleeding into the present. Two central tenants of this paradigm are one, all the horrific treatment of the slaves, being beaten, raped, over worked and living in inhabitable conditions amongst many other horrible things slaves had to endure. And two as a result of these hideous acts, the acts will literally haunt them in the present and in the future regardless if they have been freed from slavery. “Although the red men have vanished from many of their haunts, their ghosts are everywhere. Nothing can be more natural, for the Indians were the only inhabitants of the land for countless generations. The rivers and the lakes were their friends, and they named them. Only some of these have we replaced, the others we have taken over with our country. CITATION Car06 \l 1033 (Cariou, 2006) This is explaining the hauntings done to the Saskatchewan people when the “aboriginal people’s” land was being stolen and the owners of the land were being killed for it. Next in Sonya Williams Mc-Coy Wilsons reading she elucidates how “she was inspired to uncover what the notion of freedom really meant and means for black women to articulate how the bodies of black women to articulate how the bodies of black women articulate slavery.” CITATION Son07 \l 1033 (Mc-Coy-Wilson, 2007) She also parallels the hauntology existing in Toni Morrison’s “Beloved” which focuses on black females in particular. In the book Sethe, a mother kills her own daughter known as Beloved, to protect her from the terrors of becoming a slave. Finally in Samira Kawash’s article hauntology is explained in comparative ways including the house left standing in beloved, in the Middle Passage the ship has structural equivalent of Beloved’s house. Though the structures aren’t entirely symmetrical, the slave ship was owned by the slave owners and the house left standing is owned by generations of former slaves. Wrapping...
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