The Holy Bible

Topics: Bible, Ten Commandments, Torah Pages: 2 (722 words) Published: December 16, 2006
In a world of chaos and destruction there is a book that illuminates the path of peace and tranquility, The Holy Bible. There are many reasons why The Good Book is interesting. It helps everybody make difficult decisions when there is no one there to help. As well, the sacred manuscripts can help people learn from others' past mistakes and there are rules in the divine novel that everyone can apply to their lives. It is not just about rules but also has very intriguing stories. Anyone who reads The Holy Bible will not want to put it down. The Good Book can be utilized to help anyone, of any race make decisions that would otherwise be difficult from their own lack of experience or judgment. In the ethereal novel it talks about such things as, what to do if anyone plans on getting a divorce, or having an abortion. It says in the pure text to be faithful to the spouse and not to cheat. It forbids divorce for the wrong reasons because when a person gets married they have made a lifelong commitment to their spouse. If a person is contemplating having an abortion, even in the early stages of pregnancy, the heavenly guide states that it is still killing a human being. As well according to women that have an abortion are more likely to experience clinical depression, substance abuse, and suicide in association with abortion. These are just some of the decisions that The Holy Bible can help when placed in different situations. There is an old saying that states, "If we don't learn from past mistakes we are doomed to repeat it." The sacred manuscripts have many stories contained within the pages that we can learn from others' past mistakes. One such story talks about a man who was so attached to his wealth that when he was asked to get rid of it for the ultimate reward he refused because of his greed. The situation won't exactly be the same but this could happen to anyone. There is another story about a king who is a dictator and has strict...
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